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dianne canham

By Dianne Canham, founder of Eclat Marketing and the Code Red International Security PR Network.

The global cyber security market is in the midst of an unprecedented boom, presenting a golden opportunity for any vendor with the resources and strategy to capitalise on the demand. Leading analyst firm Gartner valued the information security market at $86.4 billion in 2017, and predicts an increase of seven percent to $93 billion this year. The timing has never been better to launch a global expansion as enterprises around the world hunger for innovative new solutions.

With its vibrant technology scene and strong financial sector, the UK is a natural first target for any vendor planning an international launch, particularly those based in the US, which benefit from a shared culture and language.

However, carrying out a successful launch is easier said than done. While full of opportunity, the UK is also crowded, with fierce competition from other international vendors and its own home-grown companies. Without the local expertise and support on the ground, a launch can quickly turn into a money pit that fizzles out within the year.

After two decades spent helping technology and security companies make a name for themselves in the UK, I felt now was an ideal time to share some of my experience with this guide. Over the next few pages, you’ll find not only advice from me, but also from Justine Cross of EMEA Channels, and Cloud Distribution’s Adam Davison. Between us we will provide advice covering the entire launch process, including planning the initial go-to-market, creating a channel network, and establishing a PR strategy. You’ll also find case studies from leading security companies Vectra and Duo Security, giving insight into real success stories in the UK.

By following the advice in this guide, a US security company will be best-placed to capitalise on the huge opportunity presented by the UK market, and reap the full rewards of a successful launch.

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