The timing has never been better to launch a global expansion as enterprises around the world hunger for innovative new solutions. With its vibrant technology scene and strong financial sector, the UK is a natural first target for any vendor planning an international launch. Building your brand in the highly competitive UK cyber security market is an essential ingredient for success, and PR is the most impactful and cost-effective way to do that.

In this Ebook we share advice covering the entire launch process, including planning the initial go-to-market, creating a channel network, and establishing a PR strategy.

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You’ll learn about all the steps involved with the entire launch process, including:

  • Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy for the UK
  • Building a Successful Channel Strategy
  • Becoming a Cyber Security Super Star

You’ll also learn that having local spokespeople will make a stronger impression with media and analysts to show dedication to building a presence in the UK market.