We believe that most security companies – whether they are:

  • new entrants to global markets;
  • established players looking to branch out into new markets; or
  • security vendors wanting to ramp up their PR another level,

are looking for PR partners with specialist skills.

The Code Red Security PR Network offers you this in a global partnership, from one single point of contact.

All Code Red Participants have:

  • a deep understanding of their market,
  • established relationships with journalists and analysts who cover security issues, and
  • their fingers firmly on the pulse of the security news agenda.

In fact we’ve totted up the number of years of security experience in the Code Red Security PR network and the combined total is in excess of 100 years. Not to brag, just to give you some idea of the depth and breadth of our knowledge.

Find out how the Code Red Security PR network can work for you!

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