chayun public relationsCode Red Security, the first international PR network specialising in cyber security technology, today announced it has welcomed Chayun Public Relations (CPR) as a Korean partner to the team. The Code Red network offers cyber security vendors the benefits of working with locally based cyber security PR specialists, with the convenience of centralised management and coordination.

Code Red’s newest member, Chayun Public Relations, is a Korean agency that provides wide and vast brand marketing and PR expertise for multinational companies in Korea. They work with multiple companies in an array of disciplines from IT and semiconductor to aerospace and aircraft, from law to travel destinations and luxury brands.

“We’re looking forward to adding Chayun Public Relations to our list of Code Red partners”, stated Code Red founder Dianne Canham. “This new partnership is sure to offer new opportunities for our existing clients, as well as give CPR’s client base the opportunity to take advantage of the international Code Red network.”

June Cha, Managing Director of Chayun Public Relations said, “We are delighted to have been appointed as the ambassador agency for Code Red in Korea and look forward to working with security specialists around the globe. IT security is definitely a key issue and CPR is looking forward to rolling out communication programs that match both the clients’ needs and those of the local market environment.”

This partnership will be greatly beneficial to the companies that are part of the Code Red network, as well as the network itself, as it will allow for an expansion into Korea, whilst also increasing Code Red’s existing international footprint of co-branded partners and affiliates across the globe.